UK Nationwide - During Covid-19 Pandemic 2020

Caja was our delivery version of the UNA menu where our customers could enjoy a four-course menu once a box full of surprises arrived to their homes. Upon opening the box, our customers found various preparations that they had to reheat, serve and play at being chefs in their home kitchen. Also, by scanning a QR code, they could see videos of how to perform these step-by-step Perfectly. 

It’s easy to say now that we also organise box deliveries. Nothing new, we know.
However, at that time in 2020, when all restaurants were closed, understanding that diners did not necessarily have to come to our place, but to reach to their houses  made us see the business with another paradigm that helped us maintain working, active and wanting to get through the pandemic with no complaint, and full of action. 

We would like to continue delivering boxes, but somehow we returned to normality

the industry is continuously seeking new concepts. brick and mortar is not always a solution and consumption behaviour is always in the avant-garde. we just need to think as eaters and the appearance of new concepts will be there in the top of your mind.