Be creative, OR DIE.

At UNA we believe in the innovation of service, in intimacy, in emotions and in bringing gastronomy to an evolutionary state that goes far beyond the simple act of eating. Our aim is to create beautiful memories for all guests around our table.

Breaking the traditional restaurant mould allows us to think creatively about gastronomy, thus why we have only one table at UNA. Our tasting menu serves as the catalyst that creates bonds of friendship between the people sharing this special moment together.

Described by some as the evolution of the private dining room, UNA works with a positive nostalgia for our roots in Latin America and draws from a lifetime of experiences around the world. 

This is not a restaurant, but the unknown space between the established and what has never been created before – an impermanent concept that allows us to create, to think and keep learning around the power of one table.

We see things differently which lead us to create something that didn’t exist before. 
We are artists. We are not serial imitators.
We cook with our intellect. 
We paint our own canvas. 
I was completely sure that was going to be the restaurant of the future.

UNA is the result of living life to the full. And we know this is just the start of something bigger.

This is not a restaurant, it is the unknown space between the stablished and that what has never been created before. We are the Anti-establishment cuisine. 

One table.
We are ephemeral.
We are here today, probably not tomorrow. 
We love what we do. And what we have created.

Be creative or die.

Who comes to UNA, will never forget.
That is my leitmotiv. 

Thank you!
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