London (UK) - 2017

After UNA, Dos!

DOS was a format of Collaboration Dinners in order to show the cuisine made by great friends who live outside of London. Not only great friends, but also professionals of great prestige, such as German Martitegui – then chef at Tegui, now owner of Marti-, a Fine Dining restaurant in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina). At the event, held at the St Pancras clock tower in London, was also invited Tato Giovannoni, the best bartender in Argentina and one of the most respected pioneer in the industry worldwide. Together; German Martitegui, MartinMilesi & Tato Giovannoni delighted a group of 12 industry leaders.

A short time later, we had the honor to host Josean Alija -chef of Nerua at Guggenheim Bilbao-. 

Whoever visits UNA, wherever it is in the world, keeps a memory forever. UNA has shown that creativity is the ability to surprise customers, creating a parallel universe where a dream can become part of reality. Surrealism in a real world WHERE THE CLIENTS ARE ESSENTIAL ACTORS IN THE EXPERIENCE. 

Josean came to cook at hour house with part of his team to delight us with some Nerua classics such as foie gras with carrots.

The intimacy of our space allows us to interact with our clients in a supernatural way, and it is there, where our proposal is not only about cooking, it is about creating bonds, connecting people and writing stories in the air that remain engraved in the memory.